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When is Repair Worth It?

When is repair worth it? This is not always and easy question to answer – there are quite a number of variables to consider. However, the decision can be easier if you give due consideration to the following questions.

Chinaware is Two-faced

The ancient Roman god Janus had two faces. Among other things, Janus was the god of duality. You may ask what this has to do with chinaware. Well, quite a lot actually. Read on. Just like Janus, chinaware really does have two very distinct faces, both of which provide your restaurant business with significant benefits. On the one face is the chinaware that your customers see. Your selection of chinaware can set the tone for your establishment as it reflects the personality you are Read More

Service – Beginning to End

We’ve said it before but sincerely believe that it is well worth repeating. We offer the best service in the industry. In fact, our range and high level of service is perhaps our key differentiator. Over 55 years in business strongly supports this claim.

Table Top Overview

A beautiful tabletop layout is sure to enhance the dining experience. But an attractive table is just one of several characteristics to consider when deciding upon the tabletop products that will meet the particular needs of your business. For example, a QSR will likely be more interested in durability or disposability and low cost whereas a fine dining establishment will be especially concerned with quality and appearance.


What are the things that distinguish a quality eating place? The answer to that question may vary according to the needs different establishments are trying to satisfy. However, most if not all lists would rank cleanliness very near the top. Patrons are unlikely to return to or may not even remain in a place they deem to be dirty. And they certainly will not make a recommendation to their friends and associates – in fact, more likely the opposite. A restaurant or other eating place must Read More

Bar Equipment to Grow Your Business

An efficient, well-run bar can make a significant contribution to the bottom line every month. Quality and speed of service can keep customers coming back Taking advantage of what the right bar equipment can offer will make your bartending and wait staff more efficient and your operation more profitable. Allow the latest technology and products, custom designed for bar service, help build your business. Niagara Restaurant Solutions Company is in business to help grow yours. One way we do Read More

Impress Your Customers with Great Cocktails

If you own or operate a dining establishment you don’t have to be told how competitive a business it is. Customers can be fickle; some like change and some like the old tried and true. But everyone likes quality. One way to maintain an edge is to offer popular cocktails that are made with care and precision. Discriminating customers know and appreciate the difference between good and great. Go for great! The first step is to be sure your bar staff can make consistently great versions of Read More

Knife Rental – Why Rent?

The options to rent, lease or buy are available across a vast range of items in our society ranging from houses and vehicles to production equipment and yes, even knives.  The NRSCO knife rental service is very popular for several good reasons.

More Than Restaurants

Our name may be Niagara Restaurant Solutions Company and we have many great restaurant customers. But restaurants are only one of a number of client segments within the food service industry to which we provide support. Although our customers all have food in common they often have particular needs that require special equipment or services. You can easily imagine how the needs of a small, short order diner would be different from those of a premier dining establishment. Consider then, the Read More

Real Benefits to Leasing

Buying new equipment outright can often be the best decision. However, there are circumstances whereby the benefits of leasing outweigh those of purchasing. Benefits of Leasing Equipment Aside from a reduced cash outlay, there are many benefits to leasing equipment: Equipment leasing saves your working capital (bank lines) for day-to-day business expenses, business expansions, or unexpected business related expenses. A lease provides you with a predictable monthly line item, which Read More