Impress Your Customers with Great Cocktails

If you own or operate a dining establishment you don’t have to be told how competitive a business it is. Customers can be fickle; some like change and some like the old tried and true. But everyone likes quality. One way to maintain an edge is to offer popular cocktails that are made with care and precision. Discriminating customers know and appreciate the difference between good and great. Go for great! The first step is to be sure your bar staff can make consistently great versions of Read More

Knife Rental – Why Rent?

The options to rent, lease or buy are available across a vast range of items in our society ranging from houses and vehicles to production equipment and yes, even knives.  The NRSCO knife rental service is very popular for several good reasons.

More Than Restaurants

Our name may be Niagara Restaurant Solutions Company and we have many great restaurant customers. But restaurants are only one of a number of client segments within the food service industry to which we provide support. Although our customers all have food in common they often have particular needs that require special equipment or services. You can easily imagine how the needs of a small, short order diner would be different from those of a premier dining establishment. Consider then, the Read More

Real Benefits to Leasing

Buying new equipment outright can often be the best decision. However, there are circumstances whereby the benefits of leasing outweigh those of purchasing. Benefits of Leasing Equipment Aside from a reduced cash outlay, there are many benefits to leasing equipment: Equipment leasing saves your working capital (bank lines) for day-to-day business expenses, business expansions, or unexpected business related expenses. A lease provides you with a predictable monthly line item, which Read More

Ice Quality is Clearly Essential

Ice is an essential part of food service and is used in almost every setting including restaurants, bars, cafeterias, coffee shops, nursing homes, hospitals, healthcare facilities and more.  It’s important to keep ice clean as it is considered food and must be handled in a responsible manner. Despite this, ice machines are often the dirtiest pieces of equipment in the kitchen. Any part of the machine that has contact with water can develop scale, slime or mold which can contaminate your Read More

Service is the Difference

It’s easy to say that you have great service. It’s another thing entirely to deliver on that claim every day. We believe that superior service is what truly sets Niagara Restaurant Solutions Company apart from our competitors. We are convinced that excellent service is a big reason we have been in business for 55 years and counting.

Exciting Times

These are exciting times for us at Niagara Restaurant Solutions Company. We are looking forward to hosting our Niagara and Burlington/Halton customers at our annual Open House on Tuesday, April 4 at our St. Catharines location, 17 Lloyd Street from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are also proud and thankful to be celebrating 55 great years in business. Our Open House represents the kick off to our prime season and this event provides us with an opportunity to, among other things, demonstrate that we Read More

Don’t Miss Our Annual Open House – April 4, 2017

Mark these details in your calendar now: When: April 4, 2017 What: Open House – Niagara Restaurant Solutions Co. Where: 17 Lloyd Street, St. Catharines, ON Time: 8:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M Our annual Open House is a major highlight on Niagara Restaurant Solutions calendar. This year is especially important as we celebrate 55 years of service to the restaurant and food service industry. This event, at our St. Catharines location, 17 Lloyd Street, is one you will not want to miss whether Read More

Pitco VF35

Who doesn't enjoy fried food?  As a consumer, it's very delicious.  As an operator, it's very profitable.   Let's be honest.  Fried food is the ultimate "want", for both groups.   What, then, is needed in order to fulfill what everyone wants? Immersing fresh or frozen product in 350 degree oil is a very efficient way of transferring heat, and one of the fastest ways to cook food.  The direct contact of the hot oil on the product will seal the exterior very quickly, and that barrier Read More

NRSCO Name Change Announcement

Niagara Restaurant Supply and Halton Food Equipment have changed their operating names to Niagara Restaurant Solutions Co. The legal name (Niagara Restaurant Supply Ltd.) remains in effect. We are very excited about this change as it is part of a rebranding initiative which not only combines both companies but better reflects our positioning as a full service solutions provider. The new name reflects our firm commitment to providing superior products, sales knowledge, installation and Read More