Are You Keeping Current?

We live in an exciting and rapidly changing world. The news is full of stories about self-driving cars, cashier-less grocery stores, drone package deliveries and a multitude of other significant changes to the way we live and do business.

The food service industry is experiencing its share of changes, be they related to technology, consumer expectations or something else. To remain relevant and successful every operator of a food service business needs to pay attention to these happenings and make a well-considered decision as to how to respond.

The following is a mere sample of some of the things already in play in our industry. It is difficult to forecast the ultimate impact of any one of these changes, but you can be sure the changes will continue to happen. It will require a savvy and shrewd operator to determine the trends that work in their favour and those they can safely be less concerned about.

It seems as though a new piece of high-tech equipment is introduced every week if not every day. Almost all are intended to make food service operations faster and/or more efficient. It could be a front of house tablet for placing orders directly to the kitchen. It may be a space-saving and multi-functional piece of equipment that allows more to be done in less time and less space.

There are also an increasing number of products with programmable settings or Bluetooth capability so certain functions can be executed remotely. These all have the potential to allow you to do more in less time with fewer resources. That kind of efficiency feeds the bottom line.

Customer expectations
If there is one driving force behind customer expectations across industries is speed and convenience. The innovation of the drive-up window has come a very long way. Now, food and beverage orders can be placed via smart phone. Alternatively, many QSRs offer kiosks for ordering in-store. The order is transferred digitally and prepared robotically.

Your customers have the expectation of this level of service without a loss of quality. This is a tough standard to meet but in the world of “the customer is always right” ways are being found to meet these needs in an effective and profitable way.

The environment
The food service/restaurant industry has a reputation for waste. This is becoming less and less acceptable to both consumers and governments. Ways are being found by way of technology , partnerships, product alternatives (e.g., paper straws) and other means to make the most of food, packaging and other typical disposables.

At NRSCO we and our manufacturer and supplier partners are staying abreast of key changes and trends as they occur. We look forward to the opportunity of not only servicing your equipment needs but advising you on things to consider as you adapt and evolve to this exciting world of change and opportunity.

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