Cold and Convenient – Undercounter Refrigeration

Refrigerators and freezers are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes and formats. Niagara Restaurant Solutions Company can provide you with whatever refrigeration/freezer equipment need you may have from a variety of major manufacturers.

One special example is undercounter refrigeration and/or freezing solutions. This is particularly useful if you are short of space or want easy access to refrigerated ingredients close to the prep area.

Work Top
The Work Top style is a great double-duty solution. Not only does it offer the function and convenience of being undercounter, it also provides the utility of a counter top that can be used for prep or as a surface upon which to place equipment.

This style is available in several heights and may come with an integrated or bolt on backsplash.

Undercounter models come in a very wide range of sizes, from as little as 24” to 119”. Although similar in many ways to Work Top styles they are not designed for equipment storage or food prep purposes.

Some manufacturers offer undercounter units with both refrigeration and freezing capability.

Care should be exercised before selecting a particular unit to ensure the height meets your needs. The typical unit stands 36” tall but there are 34” and 32” low profile options as well. You should also pay attention to the location of the compressor to ensure there is sufficient side-to-side clearance.

Undercounter models may have doors, drawers or both. There are also glass (see through) door alternatives. So, whatever your particular needs may be, there is an undercounter refrigerator or freezer unit for you.

Chef Bases

Chef Bases are designed to hold countertop equipment and/or supplies above and contain ingredients below, all immediately available to your prep area.

The foregoing is only a sample of the refrigeration and freezing solutions available from NRSCO. Don’t forget, we also offer comprehensive installation and service. For more information please visit our St. Catharines store or give us a call.

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