Glassware – Far More Than Function

If our lives were constrained to functional design only, it would be a dull and boring existence. For example, if cars were designed with the sole object of moving us from point A to point B, there would be little thrill or pride in the driving experience.

Happily, our world has evolved in a less dystopian fashion and we can avail ourselves of a wide variety of choices across virtually every product and service category that we require or have an interest in.

Glassware is no exception to this happy state of affairs. Although one can argue that a glass is only a container for liquids, it is really so much more. Not only can glassware elegantly serve as a vessel for liquids it can also contribute a demonstrable improvement to the experience of a drink.

Wine glasses are specifically designed to optimize the qualities of particular wine types. Likewise, beer glasses come in different shapes to not only identify the beer style they are intended for but to enhance the experience of consuming that product. Cocktail glasses have also been created with specific drinks in mind. Think of the classic martini, distinctive shape of the frozen margarita glass, or the ever-popular rocks glass.

Depending upon the type and style of your food service business, be it elegant dining, roadhouse casual or institutional functional there is a wide range of glassware choices appropriate to your positioning and your budget.

Niagara Restaurant Solutions Company is a distributor for some of the biggest names in the glassware industry, including Arcoroc, Bormioli, Libbey, and Pasabahce. Product offerings from these and others are certain to meet every glassware need you may have.

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