Impress Your Customers with Great Cocktails

If you own or operate a dining establishment you don’t have to be told how competitive a business it is. Customers can be fickle; some like change and some like the old tried and true. But everyone likes quality.

One way to maintain an edge is to offer popular cocktails that are made with care and precision. Discriminating customers know and appreciate the difference between good and great. Go for great!

The first step is to be sure your bar staff can make consistently great versions of the most popular cocktails. Popularity varies from place to place and time to time. We have compiled the following list, for your consideration, by selecting five cocktails that pop up repeatedly on several top drinks lists.

In no particular order, your bar staff should be able to produce killer versions of all of the following:

Martini – There are several styles of this well-known cocktail, perhaps the most popular being the classic dry version made with gin and a hint of dry vermouth. Shaken or stirred at your discretion.

Margarita – Whether frozen or on the rocks this cocktail is notorious, perhaps like few others, for being fabulous when well-made and barely drinkable when not. As recommended above, go for great.

Mojito – This popular summer rum drink originated in Cuba and is a favourite of the ladies. Whether whole or muddled, be sure to have a fresh supply of quality mint on hand.

Manhattan – The Manhattan is over 150 years old. It retains its popularity because, when well-made, it is flavourful and satisfying. There are several versions to experiment with but a top-notch Manhattan requires precision and a deft touch. And don’t ignore the “perfect” version (equal measures of dry and sweet vermouth).

Old Fashioned – Surprise – this one doesn’t begin with M. Like the Manhattan the Old Fashioned has a very long and popular history. So much so that it even has a glass style named for it. Also, like the Manhattan, this is one tasty concoction that is very much worth learning to make well.

There you have it. Five cocktails your customers will request again and again if you take the time and care to go for great.

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