Knife Rental – Why Rent?

The options to rent, lease or buy are available across a vast range of items in our society ranging from houses and vehicles to production equipment and yes, even knives.  The NRSCO knife rental service is very popular for several good reasons.

Knife rental:

  • Reduces your cash outlay. A comprehensive set of quality knives can add up to a significant total if purchased. Rental requires a much more modest and manageable monthly expense
  • Conserves working capital for day-to-day or unexpected business expenses. Having funds tied up in costly equipment can reduce your financial flexibility.
  • Gives you a predictable monthly line item which will help you budget.
  • Allows you to can keep up with whatever the latest in knife technology has to offer. It seems like there is regularly some new and better design coming on the market. Rental may provide the opportunity to experiment to determine for yourself if the latest and greatest really is.
  • Makes it easy, similar to above but with respect to existing makes and models, to test out different types, styles and brands of knives till you find the ones that best suit your needs.
  • Provides a sharpening service. At the end of each rental period your knives are swapped out for a set of clean, sharp ones.
  • Can be arranged on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, according to what best suits your needs.

NRSCO prides itself in everything we do to provide our customers with the right solution across every aspect of our product and service offering. The quality and flexibility of our knife rental service is just one way we strive to make your life easier and your business more successful.

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