Pitco VF35

Who doesn’t enjoy fried food?  As a consumer, it’s very delicious.  As an operator, it’s very profitable.  

Let’s be honest.  Fried food is the ultimate “want“, for both groups.  

What, then, is needed in order to fulfill what everyone wants?

Immersing fresh or frozen product in 350 degree oil is a very efficient way of transferring heat, and one of the fastest ways to cook food.  The direct contact of the hot oil on the product will seal the exterior very quickly, and that barrier allows the interior to cook by way of steam created inside the shell.  The best French fries you’ve ever eaten had a crispy exterior and an interior just like mashed potatoes. 

In order to achieve these results, a deep fryer must be capable of recovering the temperature lost when cold or frozen product is dropped into the oil.  The more efficient a fryer is at producing that recovery, the more likely it is that you will seal the exterior right away and enjoy a perfect French fry as a result.  If you want good fried product, you need efficient recovery. 

Are more BTU’s the key to better recovery in a gas fryer?  Not at all.  The ability for a fryer to capture the energy produced from the burners and transfer it to the tank is the key.  Many high-BTU, affordable/economy fryers on the market today only operate at thermal efficiencies of 40-45%, meaning that most of the heat generated by the BTU input is sent directly up the flue.  This wasted energy is never transferred to the tank to heat the oil and create the recovery needed to cook a perfect French fry.  

Seeing that there was a vast opportunity for improvement, many fryer manufacturers have been able to engineer highly efficient fryers that can capture 70% or more of the usable BTU’s to transfer heat to the oil.  Unfortunately, these units always came with a far greater capital cost, commonly in multi-unit systems requiring sophisticated controls.  For far too long, the difference in price was the determining factor for operators who wanted to serve a perfect french fry but couldn’t afford the fryer they needed to get the job done properly. 

That is no longer the case.  Pitco has introduced the first high-efficiency (70%+) fryers that are designed, and priced, as stand alone units.  

Ask your Niagara Restaurant Solutions Co. representative about the Pitco VF35 (40 lbs oil capacity, 14″x14″ tank size) and VF65 (65lb oil capacity, 18″x18″ tank size).  These units offer faster recovery than competitive economy fryers and use 1/3 less BTU’s to do so.  

More production and less utility usage to serve your customers perfect fried food. 

That sounds like something you both want, and need.