Service is Essential

Having an important piece of equipment go down can spell disaster fast. That’s why both preventative and repair services are so essential to the success of any food service operation.

With 2 TSSA certified gas technicians on staff we are able to both install and service gas appliances like ovens. We even inventory parts. We can get your repair done quickly and have you back in business with a minimum of disruption.

But our service isn’t just about making repairs. Almost by definition, service implies a commitment of people to ensure that the things we sell are supported to the greatest extent possible. We provide our customers with comprehensive product knowledge, so they can make an informed buying decision. We follow that up with prompt delivery and installation and rapid product repair so down time is minimized. We go the extra mile to ensure all our customers’ needs are attended to efficiently and professionally.

Our fee-based services include product appraisals and kitchen layout design. These value-add services allow you to focus on the operations of your business rather than expending time and energy searching for and dealing with multiple suppliers. We can help you with it all.

Solid warranties come with virtually all of the equipment we sell. Even after a manufacturer’s warranty has expired we provide reasonably priced out-of-warranty repair services. You can even opt for a service contract customized to meet your unique requirements.

Our strong service ethic begins even before the sale. We do everything we can to fully understand our customers’ requirements. Armed with that knowledge we can recommend solutions that best meet the needs, be they functional, financial, aesthetic or some combination.

We sell products but more importantly we are an unmatched, professional and comprehensive resource that provides a wide range of sales, installation and service capabilities that you can count on to conscientiously support your business and keep it running smoothly. Your success is our success!

Call us today for more information about our service commitment or visit either of our two locations.

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