The Best First Impression – CLEANLINESS

Every responsible food service operation must make cleanliness an absolute priority. This includes the general environment like floors, walls and furnishings as well as dinnerware, glasses and flatware.

Keeping the kitchen clean is perhaps even more important. Municipal regulations require it and the health and safety of guests depend upon it. Being responsible for the illness of a customer due to an unclean environment has the potential to destroy or limit future prospects of a business.

A brief checklist to observe will include the following items:

  • Certificate from medical & sanitary inspections near the front entrance
  • Be sure that employees working with food are healthy
  • Be sure all employees appear clean and tidy and wear gloves, hairnets or hats as required
  • Bathrooms should always be spotlessly clean
  • Clean up after each guest
  • Keep water and food off the kitchen floor
  • Keep raw meat and green separated
  • Eliminate cockroaches, flies, rats and other scavengers

Niagara Restaurant Solutions Company is your one-stop source for everything you will need to ensure that your environment and equipment remain bright, shiny and flawlessly hygienic. Here is a partial list of products we carry to keep everything spic and span:

Sanitizers for the top of tables, front and back of house
Cleaning chemicals
Cleaners like Fri-Kleen for fryers and grills
Cleaning tablets for Combi-Ovens
Cleaner and sanitizer for ice machines
Cleaning service for ice machines
Water filter replacement service
Glass cleaners
Mops and brooms
Green and red sanitizing buckets
Quatemary sanitizer test strips
Filter paper for the fryers.
Coffee machine delimer
Hand hygiene
Upholstery cleaners
Bug zappers for the flies, etc.
Grease and carbon cleaners like Caarbon Off
Floor care products
Stainless steel cleaners
Bushes and dusters
Food grade oil and gel for slicers/equipment after it has been cleaned

Keep your reputation as spotless as your environment. Trust Niagara Restaurant Solutions Company with all of your food service equipment requirements. Come see us at 17 Lloyd Street, St. Catharines, ON L2S 2N7, call 905.685.8428 or visit