When is Repair Worth It?

When is repair worth it? This is not always and easy question to answer – there are quite a number of variables to consider. However, the decision can be easier if you give due consideration to the following questions.

Is the warranty active?

If the answer is yes, you should probably go ahead with the repair as its cost will be covered or mostly so. Here are some examples of typical warranty time frames. Most cooking equipment – 1-year; you can purchase an extended warranty for another year from some manufacturers; refrigeration and ice equipment is usually 3-years parts and labour, 5-years on the compressor.

You should also keep in mind that often when you repair, there is no warranty on the repair.  A new part will sometimes be warranted for 30 days, but not the labour.  If you purchase new you would, of course, receive the manufacturer’s warranty.

How old is the equipment?

Many types of equipment have an effective life span of about 10 years. If the equipment in question is approaching its end of effective life, a new one is likely the best bet. Older equipment tends to experience more repair problems and that means more expense.

What type of repair is required?

If the repair needed is minor but important it is likely worth doing. However, if a major, costly repair is required the cost of a new piece of equipment should be weighed against that of the repair. A common guide is that if repair costs are one quarter to one third of the cost of new and the equipment is old, then it is time to replace.

What about equipment efficiency?

There is a tendency for newer equipment to be more efficient. It could require less energy to operate, use less water, have fewer moving parts, have a better warranty. These factors should all be considered vs the cost of repairing an existing piece of equipment.

Is a newer piece of equipment easier to maintain?

If maintenance costs are becoming a problem, a newer piece of equipment that is easier and less costly to maintain may be a good choice. Keep in mind also that regular maintenance will prolong the life of your equipment.

When you take all of these issues into consideration, the resulting math will serve as a pretty reliable guide to assist with your decision to fix or replace your equipment.

NRSCO can help with your decision-making, provide preventative maintenance to extend the life of your equipment, offer warranty and out-of-warranty service and even provide long-term service contracts. Our service contracts can be custom-built to your requirements. Examples would be regular ice machine maintenance and cleaning and de-scaling of steam and coffee equipment. Add to that our licensed gas fitters, TSSA certified technicians, and an inventory of OEM parts.

We are here to provide for your needs and keep you up and running. Give us a call today for more information on how we can support your business.

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